• Distance Learning School Counseling 

    Distance school counseling will be different than our traditional model and some things will be the same.

    I will continue to have regular hours that you can contact me.  Monday - Thursday 8:00-3:00 and Friday 8:00-10:00.  

    Please contact me through email first (amarazee@sjisd.org) and then we can set up a phone call or Zoom call to talk.  You may also leave a voice message on my work phone (360-370-7235), as it will be forwarded to my email. 


    There are some limitations:

    Privacy:  I can’t guarantee confidentiality as we would if you were meeting in my office.  I can not control who may see your computer or phone or overhear a conversation.  

    Much of communication depends on non-verbal communication that can be missed in an online environment, so be patient, ask questions and clarify when we need to. 

    Not all issues will be appropriate for the online environment, such as a serious crisis.  There will be other resources to connect to in times of crisis.


    For more information, go to Resources and Helplines